Fall Arrest Harness With a Belt – Automatic Buckles/5 Hooking Points

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Two color harness with positioning belt. 3 fall arrester attachment points (back- front right side – front left side). 4 adjustable buckles. Positioning belt with thermoformed back closed with wide Velcro for more comfort. 180° rotation. 2 lateral anchorage points. 3 adjustable automatic buckle. Sponge back lining.
  • Straps: Polyester
  • Belt: Sponge lining
  • Soft padding on the shoulders and straps on the legs
    Removable back protector
  • Fall indicator
  • Rotation 180°
  • 2 accessory attachment holders incorporated into the belt
  • Automatic buckles/Pocket for phone


  • Vertical movement on a permanent structure
  • Long vertical movement or movement on inclined surface
  • Long vertical movement or movement on inclined surface for rope access work
  • Short vertical movement or movement on inclined surface (less than 3 m)
  • Long horizontal movement on horizontal surface
  • Long horizontal movement on vertical structure
  • Short horizontal movement (less than 3 m)
  • Long movement with multi connection /disconnection
  • Work positioning
  • Movement on lifeline
  • Restraint

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