What are the benefits of using PPE?

Hazards in the workplace are commonplace and will occur more frequently if the worker isn’t equipped correctly for the task resulting in injuries and staff taking time away from work.

Employers by law have a duty to provide their employees with the correct health & safety workwear to carry out their work. Failing to meet these health & safety requirements can lead to claims for compensation, and extensive investigation by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).

Therefore it is beneficial to you having yourself and others equipped with PPE workwear as to prevent these scenarios from occuring within the workplace.

What kind of PPE workwear do I need?

Many workplaces have specific requirements depending on the type of work being carried out or the nature of the location work is conducted in.

Most building sites require each worker/labourer to be equipped with High Visibility workwear meeting ISO EN 20471 Standards. This is managed in a 3-Tier Class system with Class 3 Hi-Vis Workwear gear being the highest level quality of protection. You can view our selection of Hi-Vis workwear here

Steel or composite toe-cap safety boots are also a common requirement among PPE wearers in the workplace, this is to prevent various workplace hazards such as penetrative objects, slip hazards, climbing to heights and many more from occurring to employees.

Which requirements do I need to meet?

For advice on meeting regulations for safety workwear PPE in the workplace visit the HSE website here for comprehensive guides and information on understanding PPE regulatory guidelines.

For a guide to EN Standards and what they do, click here to see the Health & Safety Executive’s guide.

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