CLiC-iT Twin Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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The CLiC-iT RGL60 is a revolutionary twin leg shock absorbing lanyard.  It has interacting connectors and provides the user with continuous protection as one cannot be opened without the other being closed.

  • EN 354, EN 355, EN 362
  • Dyneema ® / Spectra ® straps
  • Elastic Webbing
  • Etched aluminium casing
  • Copper-aluminium mechanism
  • Stainless Steel
  • Interacting Connectors
  • CLiC-iT prevents accidental unhooking and offers the ultimate protection
  • Allows a safer and quicker progression whilst climbing and working at height
  • Fitted with shock absorber ack

Suitable for:
• Scaffolding
• Pylons / Angle Beams
• Anchor Points
• Cables
• Straps and Ropes
• Ladders / Masts



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