Pit-Radio Electronic Ear Defender – Snr28Db

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Electronic earmuffs, equipped with a radio system. Allows you to listen to the radio in the FM band (87-108 MHz), while protecting hearing, in an efficient and enjoyable way. Requires 2 AA batteries not included.

  • Arch: PVC with comfort foam.
  • Shell: ABS.
  • Adjustment system: stainless steel fork.
  • Absorption foam: Polyurethane.
  • Buttons: ABS.

Conforms to:

  • EN352-1 Earing protection : Ear-muff
    SNR 27 dB Standard noise reduction
    H 31 High frequency attenuation
    M 24 Medium frequency attenuation
    L 16 Low frequency attenuation
  • EN352-6 Hearing protectors : Ear-muffs with electrical audio input
  • EN352-8 Noise protection: Entertainment audio ear-muffs


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