Services Fall Arrester Set : HAR24 + AN060 + AN315 + EX021 + 2 AM002 + LV102100 + HA200

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SERVICES – ready for use fall arrest kit: Harness with extensible “Riplight System II®” patented waves with positioning belt. 2 fall arrester anchorage points (back – front). 4 adjustable buckles. Positioning belt with thermoformed back closed with wide Velcro. 180° rotation. 2 lateral anchorage points for work positioning (ref. HAR24). Fall arrester sliding on anchorage line stranded rope Ø 14 mm, opening type, equipped with automatic locking, non-inverting device, energy absorber with fall indicator (ref. AN060). Anchorage line stranded rope Ø 14 mm (ref. AN315). Adjustable work positionning lanyard via reducer. Adjustable length. Stranded rope Ø 12 mm. Protective sheath on the splices (ref. EX021). Anchorage ring with high tenacity polyester strap. Width 45 mm. End loop with shrinkage and steel anchor D (ref. LV102100). 1 tool holder (ref. HA200). 2 carabiners AM002.
  • Fall arrest harness with positioning belt. Polyester straps
  • Fall protection slide on supporting belay: Galvanized steel. Polyamide rope
  • Carabiner: Steel


  • Short vertical movement or movement on inclined surface (less than 3 m)
  • Movement on lifeline
  • Short horizontal movement (less than 3 m)
  • Long vertical movement or movement on inclined surface
  • Long horizontal movement on horizontal surface
  • Long horizontal movement on vertical structure
  • Restraint

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