2M Double Lanyard Energy Absorbing Fall Arrester + 2 AM022 +1 AM002

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Fall arrester with energy absorber in double lanyard webbing (Y). Thimble loops.
Straps: Polyester.
Carabiner and hook: Steel.
Suitable for:
  • Vertical movement on a permanent structure
  • Short vertical movement or movement on inclined surface (less than 3 m)
  • Short horizontal movement (less than 3 m)
  • Long movement with multi connection /disconnection
  • Movement on lifeline

Certifications & Standards

EN363 : 2008 Personal fall protection equipment – Personal fall protection systems

EN364 : 1992 Personal fall protection equipment : Test method

EN365 : 2004 General requirements for the instructions for use and the marking

EN355 : 2002 Personal fall protection equipment – Energy absorbers.

EN362 : 2004 Personal protection equipment against falls from a height – Connectors

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