3967/9 Stainless Steel TORX XL Holding Function L-Key Set of 9 (TX8-TX40)

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The Wera 3967/9 TORX XL L-Key Set is manufactured from stainless steel to prevent the formation of extraneous rust, then vacuum ice-hardened for industrial strength. With holding function; wedging forces created from the contact pressure between the drive tip and the screw profile, securely hold the screw on the tool, perfect for tight assembly/disassembly situations. With an extra-long arm design for reliable working in difficult installation situations.

Thermoplastic sleeves ensure the L-keys are easy to grip and comfortable to use, even at low temperatures. Utilizes the ‘Take-it-easy’ tool finder system that provides fast and easy selection of the required size, thanks to the instantly recognizable colour coded system.

Stored in a wear-resistant clip for enhanced durability and secure storage of the L-keys.

Sizes: TX8 x 90mm, TX9 x 101mm, TX10 x 112mm, TX15 x 123mm, TX20 x 137mm, TX25 x 154mm, TX27 x 172mm, TX30 x 195mm, TX40 x 224mm


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